We are a general business, corporate, and transactional law practice. We serve a wide variety of individual and business clients including those who operate in agriculture, construction, manufacturing, restaurants, retail businesses, transportation, professionals, churches, and nonprofit entities. We encourage our clients to contact us first for all of their legal needs, just as you would call your family doctor. If a client has a personal injury case, needs estate planning, has a family law matter, employment issue, intellectual property matter, arbitration or lawsuit, bankruptcy, or other legal matter in an area that we do not practice in, we have strong relationships with an excellent network of lawyers locally, in Sacramento, and in the Bay Area, who have expertise in these areas of law. We help our clients find great attorneys!

The core of our practice is the formation and ongoing representation of business and nonprofit entities. These entities include business corporations and nonprofit corporations, limited liability companies, general partnerships, and limited partnerships. We have formed hundreds of corporations and LLCs. We hold between 150-175 annual corporate meetings for clients each year. We work closely with our clients’ accountants. We help our clients catch up on their corporate housekeeping. We also change corporations to statutory close corporations which are not required to hold annual meetings or keep minutes.

 Another major portion of our practice involves agricultural real estate transactions. We represent farming clients in the sale and purchase of agricultural real property. We have experience in long-term agricultural development leases for orchards and vineyards, representing both landlords and tenants. The transactions we handle also include short-term leases, lease-options, and transfers of ownership interests.

 We very often have sales or purchases of a business pending for a client. These transactions frequently take the form of asset purchases and sales, but we also handle sales and purchases of corporate stock, LLC membership interests, and partnership interests. We have represented clients in selling their business to national or international companies, as well as Mom and Pop in selling the family business to the next generation.

We have extensive experience with business contracts and a wide variety of commercial transactions. We have the ability to create a new form of contract if needed by our clients, or we will negotiate and revise complicated agreements for our clients. We always ask our clients to let us review a contract or lease before signing it, rather than having the need to fix something later on.

Our commitment as attorneys is to concentrate our law practice on our core area of business law.   We do not dabble in areas we are not experienced in. We are not tax attorneys, litigators, estate planners, or employment law attorneys. We are business attorneys and we seek to provide the best possible expertise and service in that area of the law to our clients.